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something new
so I found something shiny, polished and new
and when I took it to the market, you stole my view
you showed me the cracks and where the shadows lie
I reaffixed my vision and thought to sigh
the pearl I'd found so bright and cloudy blue
didn't do much for me, 'cept help forget what's true.
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0
Going Away
I dream in color but live in black & white
I found the house falling just the other night
you lost your distance, I lost my shoe
the dreams I'm having are vacant without you
come sink my ship and burn my city down
I need reason to breathe, fly high then hit ground
I think I know you, we flew planes once before
Full speed towards yellow then straight to my floor
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0
Pokemon Rubik's Cube by armorforsleepnj Pokemon Rubik's Cube :iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 14 5 GangstaHic Website by armorforsleepnj GangstaHic Website :iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 2 Vector Mustang by armorforsleepnj Vector Mustang :iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 1 5
Let 'em Catch Me
This is what you've wanted...
A cornerless room & a running start.
Let 'em catch me,
Tear into the flavorless center
And run their crooked nails
Through my broken gills.
A fireless exit isn't even logical.
At least, they know what they want.
I know nothing.
So take the fair and foul far from here.
Because it felt true...
but I know of honor.
And they seemed right...
but someone taught me about pain.
And because living is too expensive
And the latter is too cheap,
There will be no other way out.
Just a soft, small, windowless box
And a deprived page in a sentence-less book.
Logic's not necessary.
Neither is mercy.
Let the entrails run red.
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0
Too Parallel...
My tongue has fallen to a mute.
Just bury my hands
And erect my joints.
Because psalms and incantations
Aren't even enough to unfasten the tie.
Who would answer anyway?
They swear to me He taught them the right,
Yet you poignantly swore left.
Has reality told a lie?
I'd be wishful in thinking
That perceptions eventually evolve.
Please, cease the sewing.
And just lie down with me.
We'll melt into the universe
And create an ending too parallel.
That's all I really want...
That's all I ever really wanted.
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 1
New Lives
Northbound and off target
I'm not gonna tell you again
Two poles, so similar in style
Both pulling at every end.
We knew about last days,
Head aches, and tapestries,
New lives, or two wives
To forget about happenings.
Martes come, and I'll be done
Swallow time and disreguard fun.
...It was never fitted anyway.
But then again, who are You to say?
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0
if I were to tell you I found it....
would you know of the context..
would you know why I was hidden..
could you understand cold's length
or where I plan to be.
I'm done being done outside.
this should'nt have filled so fast.
oh, when we wear ware
and left our pockets there...
my little left, four-fronted
embers of exits stack.
tell me again.
I think I could forget.
:iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0
King of the Sky by armorforsleepnj King of the Sky :iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 1 An Ap Wallpaper by armorforsleepnj An Ap Wallpaper :iconarmorforsleepnj:armorforsleepnj 0 0


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